minimalist chic-final-01.jpg

The mood board above is tacked on the cork board facing my workstation. It is the rudder to my sail guiding me when I develop new products for Letter Parade. It is a little place I found after a long journey that feels like home when I arrive. 

It hasn't always been this idyllic. Years back, I have numerous moments of frustration not being able to find my own style seemingly jumping from one trend to the next while hoping along the way I will discover my own. And eventually, I did, thanks in part to Eva Jorgensen's Stationery Biz 100: Starting Strong Atly Class and her exercises in finding one's style. At my eureka moment, a big load was taken off my shoulders and the words 'Minimalist Chic' forever cemented to this artist's heart. I haven't looked back since.

You can expect to find plenty of wide open spaces surrounding my designs. I go very minimal with color and my palette typically revolves around pink, grey, black, blue and red with the occasional burst of yellow.

My font is limited to that of a typewriter style to give my products that classic feel with a modern touch. My goal is to produce very clean and timeless products. Over time, 'Minimalist Chic' will evolve and I hope that no matter which direction that grows into, my products will always bring you and those you give it to, joy.

Love & Letters,