It all started in 2009.

Humble beginnings look like a 300-square-foot apartment's dining area turned into studio, photo room, assembly area, production room all rolled into one. It looks unkempt, rather chaotic - not a scene of dreamy sophistication. A dream is the beginning of the best a reality can be. Mine had a name: Letter Parade. It's a small flame with a slow spark yet a steady burn amidst the conundrum of my daily life.

There were many distractions, as was common to a 27-year-old me, then, which still wins me over even now.

Because life has far too many exciting facets that one cannot simply dim it all out in order for one's passion to shine through. Although that might not have been a terrible strategy.

But before this turns into a memoir, I look back to that time of my not-so-distant past of nurturing a seed of a dream that has just now sprouted into something promising. As they say: "Rome wasn't built in a day." And so I trudge on excitedly into the future.

Love & Letters,