PORTFOLIO FOCUS: Signages and Flyers (plus tips on hosting a pop-up!)


Last May 23rd my boss and I hosted our very first Fringe Studio Pop-up Shop inside West Elm's Santa Monica store as part of our marketing strategy. To prepare for this, I gathered up a strong selection of our latest collections from our Spring 2015 Catalog and transported these to the store as well as merchandising the display to make it enticing for West Elm's walk-in customers. On top of this, I had to create flyers to promote the brand: one for handing out and another to go into the goodie bags we gave away. A large signage also had to be created to announce the event. After trying out several designs, I decided to use the artwork found on one of our new soft cover journals showing Cindy Hilliard's creation off the Water Study collection, inverted the artwork and added a simple text with a play on the word "Pop Up" using the colors found on the artwork. I find that less really is more in most design cases!

 Fringe Studio Soft Cover Journal Item Code 969001 - Water Study Collection Spring 2015 Artwork by Cindy Hilliard

Fringe Studio Soft Cover Journal Item Code 969001 - Water Study Collection Spring 2015
Artwork by Cindy Hilliard

The pop-up event was overall a success although there are definitely things I would've done differently should we ever host another pop-up event. My tips would be:
• Know the size of the space you have to work with so you can plan the amount of merchandise to bring.
• Work closely with a staff who works at the venue the pop-up will take place and learn everything you need to know about hosting the event there. Ask all the necessary questions like the basic do's and don'ts; check out the venue two weeks prior to the event, scope out where you can park to unload/load merchandise; see if they can lend you fixtures to use during the event, etc.
• It was a good call that we served cookies on a platter and small water bottles so people had even more reasons to stop by. Take this opportunity to introduce them to the brand and the products.
• If you can choose the location of your display, always go for the area that more people pass by, even better if you can be seen from the outside. 
• Have a spiel ready for when people approach. Narrow your pitch down to something short, pleasant and effective. I had a few blunders at first but soon enough found my rhythm. At the end of the day, I mastered a line that highlighted our "wholesale pricing" and actually mentioning what one of the products sell for - "this journal can now be purchased at $4 each instead of retail price at $9..." 
• Be prepared to sell down the merchandise towards the end of the event but still within the profit margin. The less you take back with you, the better.
• Create as much buzz leading towards the event using all mediums possible. Use social media tools to invite people and start promoting the minute a date has been penciled in.
• Add price tags to all products on display. This will save your customers from always asking you and if you're tied up with one customer you could lose some in the process. Additionally, have a back-up POS system or a second person with capability and tools of completing a transaction just in case you have multiple customers paying at once!
• Find a way to connect with the customers after the event and nurture a following from there. It's important to expose the brand and make it easy for people to find.  Ours was in a form of social media flyers that point out where customers can go to follow/like us. Make the event worth it even long after it's done!

I'm sure there are plenty more ways to really make a pop-up event really pop. If you've got tips to add feel free to comment below. I'd love to hear your ideas!

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