This is going to sound cheesy, but I truly believe that life has a way of helping each of us reach for our dreams (granted that we work hard enough). When I met Kate, it wasn't because I was looking for a photographer to shoot my products. In fact, at the time, Letter Parade was put on hold. I hadn't even known then that she was a photographer. She was introduced to me as a new coworker at Paper Source in Santa Monica where I've met many wonderful ladies over the course of two years I worked there.

It's hard not to grow fond of Kate. She's got that genuinely pleasant demeanor that we all find in a good friend, a good neighbor... so she quickly won the team over. She's also incredibly passionate about a lot of things especially when it comes to photography.

Seeing the first round of photos she did with my cards rekindled my passion for stationery. It brought me back to the first moment I decided I wanted to take this road. It was as if the pieces that were scattered all over were now coming together. That was the first time I was convinced that I have something I can truly run with. Her photos of my products graduated Letter Parade from a mere hobby to a serious career goal.

Kate has broken out of her comfort zone with Letter Parade being a portrait photographer. She's worked tirelessly to bring the products to life down to the last detail. I appreciate her enthusiasm for capturing my vision and her sincere belief that some day soon, Letter Parade will be a success story.

I'm exceedingly excited to partner with Kate on even more products that we're launching soon. I count my lucky stars that I've met this super talented friend. But don't take my word for it, check out these amazing photos shot by her with more you can find on her website:

Love & Letters,