Can I provide my own sweets or favor and you take care of the packaging?

We are open to what you have in mind for your needs. Drop us a message and let’s make things work!

I can't find the style of the favor I'm going for, will you help me realize my vision?

At Letter Parade, we love to collaborate! Contact us now and give us as much detail about your vision and we’ll try our best to make it happen.

My event is in two months, when should I place the orders to get it delivered just in time?

Due to the nature of the sweets having short shelf life (the natural effect with the absence of preservatives), we recommend the favors be delivered on or a day before the event they are needed and consumed in the next two days if not refrigerated to extend its freshness for a week at the most.

Each favor with edible content(s) will come with ingredient information, storage tips, and expiry date.

Shipping method available for the favors is 2nd-day or Next-day air only to ensure freshness of the sweets.

Subsequently, you can place your order ahead of time as far back as six months prior to date needed.

Are the sweets produced by Letter Parade?

We carefully select independent bakers to partner with and we triple-check qualities of their baked goods. It is important to us that the ingredients our partner bakers use are all natural and without preservatives. If you have additional questions about our partner bakers, drop us a note.

The event is next week and i've changed my mind and no longer want my order, can i still cancel it?

Due to time required to assemble each favor plus production of the sweets, we require 15 days from date of event for cancellation.

There will be no refund for orders cancelled less than number of days stated above.

Will I be able to sample the sweets first before placing an order?

We understand how important it is for you to be able to have that peace of mind that you are giving away only the best tasting sweets for your guests so we highly recommend emailing us so we can arrange this for you according to the type of sweets you prefer. Fees may apply.

Are the sweets in the favors gluten-free?

Our partner bakers are able to cater to your request for gluten-free sweets and other requests. Feel free to drop us a message for additional information.

Will I be able to request which flavor or cookies or candies I want for my favors?

We will try our best to accommodate your special request. Drop us a note and we can take it from there.